About Us

Our Vision

bulk-shop-solomon-islandsThe Bulk Shop aims to be the most innovative food importer and distributor in the Solomon Islands continually expanding our market share.

We are an economically vibrant, prosperous and ethical business network contributing to sustainable development in the Solomon Islands.

We enjoy continuous growth, endeavoring to challenge ourselves as we serve the people of the Solomon Islands. We are passionate about the development of our businesses and the well being of our staff and associated communities.

The Bulk Shop is a fair and ethical employer, with commitment to open management and leadership from experience and by example.

We strive to contribute to national economic development through the provision of quality products and services and support for downstream local business development.

We are constantly seeking innovative approaches to business management and development, undertaking a strategic approach to risk assessment management in an ever changing business environment.

Our mission: is the effective and efficient growth and consolidation of established business framework within the company and the establishment of new entities where opportunities exist for growth.

bulkshop-fresh-foodHealthy Choice

We are conscious of the high rate of lifestyle-related diseases in the Solomon Islands caused mainly by the past lack of freedom of dietary choice.  That’s why we have gone to the lengths of procuring quality nutritional products which have become a necessity in the lives of Solomon Islanders, contributing to the improvement of lifestyle.

We bring in commodities from reputable and trusted sources products that care for the people and the environment; quality products at such prices that people from all walks and creeds can afford. We bring taste, health, nutrition, CHOICE, and opportunities to our customers. We work in partnership with communities to create a positive legacy for society.

Our Staff

One of the most important aspects of The Bulk Shop culture is the care of our employees. We recognise and acknowledge that our success is not only affordability and sales, but our loyal and hard-working staff. We take pride in going beyond our basic employer obligations – our staff members are stewards of The Bulk Shop culture, they are the backbone of everyday operations. Over thirty percent of our staff members have been with us since our foundation.

bulk-shop-staff2Some of our staff benefits include;

  • Free medical such as Malaria and Dengue tests, flu checks and required medication for staff and immediate family.
  • Educational benefits for staff and their children (Solomon Islands does not have free education).
  • Housing – senior staff are housed for free, and as part of our Company Strategy more staff accommodation is in the process of being constructed.
  • Repatriation of staff and immediate family members to their respective provincial homes for their vacation, covering all travel costs.
  • Staff and family recreational days.

We are part of a group of companies that employs over 320 staff locally and from the region.