Bulk Shop aims to be the most innovative food importer and distributor in the Solomon Islands

From our humble beginning in the corner of a bakery, The Bulk Shop now has four major locations in Honiara. We are one of the largest suppliers of quality products, distributing directly and indirectly to retailers in all nine provinces of the Solomon Islands.

We started with the question:  “What can we do better?” We used our expertise and started sourcing great brands directly world-wide, offering Solomon Islanders a variety of quality products to pass the savings on to you. From there, the ‘buy more for less’ concept was created.

Today, more than twenty years later; we continue to grow with you. Our concept is evolving, but at the core we remain the same: continuing to search the globe for products of the highest quality at an affordable price; welcoming customer input to stock orders to provide Solomon Islanders with choice, a luxury which they would have done without twenty years ago.